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Logic Gates: The NOT Gate (Inverter)

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A NOT gate (aka inverter) is a logic gate with only one input and one output. The output state is always the opposite of the input state.

NOT Gate (Inverter) Symbols

The input (A) of a NOT gate is on the left, and the output (X) is on the right of the logic NOT gate symbol.

Distinctive ShapeRectangular ShapeDIN Shape (Historic)
Distinctive Symbol of an NOT (inverter) logic-gate.Rectangle Symbol of an NOT (inverter) logic-gate.DIN40700 Symbol of an NOT (inverter) logic-gate.

NOT Gate Truth Table

Truth Table for NOT Gate


NOT Gate Test-It

To test the gate, click the switch symbol in the image below.


NOT Gate Logical Expressions

Word Equation


Boolean Algebra

In boolean algebra the overbar sign ( ) stands for the NOT operation, e.g.:

X = A

Alternative notations:     X = ∼A     or     X = ¬A

AX = A
0X = 1
1X = 0

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