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Classroom Courses: Web Design Introduction

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This course emphasizes the fundamental skills and practical concepts of HTML and CSS. Gain proficiency adding and formatting text, images and videos to responsive, mobile friendly web page layouts, mobile app designs and other applications that avail of the HTML & CSS principles, such as blogs and email newsletters. Suitable for beginners.

Web Design (WEB)

Learn how to build W3C compliant websites with HTML & CSS. Suitable for beginners.

What You'll Learn

  • Design paper wireframes and mockups based on existing and new layouts.
  • Markup content with HTML5 and insert hyperlinks.
  • Structure content with semantic structural HTML elements.
  • Create HTML forms for data collection.
  • CSS essentials: Selectors, Box Model, CSS pseudo-classes.
  • Design a Google Search friendly navigation menu.
  • Setup and add JavaScript widgets.
  • Upload HTML and CSS files to a web server.

Who Should Attend

  • Anybody that wants to build a website following their own layout designs and without template constraints.
  • Digital Marketing Specialists managing blogs & newsletters.
  • Graphic and Multi-media designers.
  • User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) designers.
  • Software developers interested in HTML and CSS.


  • This course has no specific prerequisites.
  • No software purchase/subscription required.
  • A personal computer or laptop with Internet access.

Course Details

Next course starting 1st February 2024

Class Time: Thursdays 6:00 - 8:00pm

Course Duration: 10 weeks, Midterm Break to be confirmed.

Course Provider

Crumlin College of Further Education,
Crumlin Road,
Dublin 12.
Tel: 01 454 0662
Fax: 01 453 8855

How To Apply

Course Title: Web Design
Course Code: (WEB)
Course Fee: €180
Apply Online: Crumlin College eNROL - College Management System

Please see the Crumlin College Brochure for detailed enrollment details and view for college details.

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