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Solids: Hemisphere

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A hemispere is half of a spere.


Enclosed Volume of a Hemisphere


Volume (V)=2×π×radius cubed
V=2π r3

Surface Area of a Hemisphere

Hemisphere Surface Area

A hemisphere has one flat circular surface area and one curved surface area.

Flat Circular Surface Area Formula

Flat Circular Surface Area (A1)=π×radius squared
A1=π r2

Curved Surface Area Formula

Curved Surface Area (A2)=2×π×radius squared
A2=2 π r2

Total Surface Area Formula

Total Surface Area (A)=A1 + A2
A=A1 + A2
A=π r2 + 2 π r2
A=3 π r2
Hemisphere Edge

Edge of a Hemisphere

A hemisphere has one single edge that equals the circumference of the flat circular surface area.


Edge=2 × π × radius
Edge=2 π r

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